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Working With Others

Kolb’s (1984) experiential learning cycle and Pedlar et al. (2001) are a little weak when it comes to working with others: relationships with others can affect our learning and actions. Ever had a teacher you disliked? Did you learn much in the discipline taught? It is a reason why only after school my journey in physics?came beyond Newtons’ mechanical universe…

Judi Marshall (2001) wrote about reflective learning from another perspective. She defines “inner and outer arcs of attention”:

Inner arcs of attention:

  • our assumptions
  • our patterns of activity
  • our response to others
  • the language we use
  • the way we make sense of what is going on

Outer arcs of attention:

  • what is going on around us
  • how we are affecting it
  • how we are maintaining or changing a situation
  • how we can test our assumptions
  • how other people? are making sense of what is going on (the same events/situation)

These arcs can be a means to question our assumptions and ready-made opinions. Marshall recommends that we attend to these arcs with curiosity and playfulness, to try something different.

The Creative Brief

Anyone in advertising or marketing will be familiar with the Creative Brief; it is an industry standard. I see this run to two or three pages. The copy going to the creative team (copywriter and art director) was meant to be kept to a single page of A4.
Didn’t Churchill when he was First Lord of the Admiralty send away a lengthy document wanting it back as a single page? A recent British Foreign Minister used to be known by some of his civil servants as A4! This is because he required all his briefing notes from them – even on the most complicated aspects of foreign policy – to be summarised to find one A4 sized sheet of paper. I like to quote Jonathan Swift who apologised for writing someone a lengthy letter as he hadn’t the time to write a short one. Like this ‘stream of consciousness’, it pays to edit, to think through and prioritise thoughts.