Monthly Archive: August 2012

The Creative Brief

Anyone in advertising or marketing will be familiar with the Creative Brief; it is an industry standard. I see this run to two or three pages. The copy going to the creative team (copywriter and art director) was meant to be kept to a single page of A4.
Didn’t Churchill when he was First Lord of the Admiralty send away a lengthy document wanting it back as a single page? A recent British Foreign Minister used to be known by some of his civil servants as A4! This is because he required all his briefing notes from them – even on the most complicated aspects of foreign policy – to be summarised to find one A4 sized sheet of paper. I like to quote Jonathan Swift who apologised for writing someone a lengthy letter as he hadn’t the time to write a short one. Like this ‘stream of consciousness’, it pays to edit, to think through and prioritise thoughts.